This Beautiful Body

Written during the last 6 weeks of my 4th pregnancy at a time when my body was struggling.  I wrote this not because I felt love for it, but because I wanted to feel love for it.  It worked.   I love my beautiful body. It has done many miraculous things in its short 30 years, […]

She’s Still In There

Once upon a time, you were a little girl… Life was simple and carefree… You dreamed big dreams without even knowing they were big… And you did the things you did because you felt like it… You weren’t afraid to try new things… because everything was new… You didn’t worry about what other people thought…or […]

She is Happy Anyway

These are my in-laws, Dan and LaNae: I could write volumes about how incredible they are and about the things they’ve taught me about how to live and how to be in the short 3 1/2 years that I’ve known them.  My father in-law was hit by a car 23 years ago, and wasn’t supposed […]