Waiting for my wings to heal

When I was in third or fourth grade, my mom was part of  the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) at my school. Once a month or so, she met with the other members of the board for about an hour after school, and we kids entertained ourselves and each other, or did homework, etc. Every autumn the bushes […]

Say Good Words Manifesto

free, strength, grow, love, find, joy, jump, fight, meditate, see, empower, seek, discover, worth, contemplate, think, learn, give, sense, feel, join, alive, breathe, deep, sanctuary, dream, allow, bestow, vision, wonder, adventure, find, understand, motivate, super, hero, brave, ponder, curious, surprise, warmth, hug, space, kind, sweet, mend, cry, purpose, trust, let go, fly, float, stretch, care, […]

Always Believe In You

I have spent a whole lot of time journaling in my life, but I’ve never written anything to be read by others, so please bear with me. The only place I know how or where to start is at the start- so here goes! I am the eldest of three children in my family. My […]

She’s Still In There

Once upon a time, you were a little girl… Life was simple and carefree… You dreamed big dreams without even knowing they were big… And you did the things you did because you felt like it… You weren’t afraid to try new things… because everything was new… You didn’t worry about what other people thought…or […]

Bitter vs Sweet

I love Crème Brulee…I think it’s the yummiest thing I have ever put into my mouth and the happiness of it lingers for days and days…then I dream about it from time to time. I probably only have Crème Brulee 2 or 3 times a year, but it is the sweetest experience every single time. […]