Life is Good….Except When It’s Not

People ask me all the time if I ever have a bad day. Here’s my answer….. HECK YES I DO. I’m in the middle of many months of very hard days…………..and I know this time will pass…..but, it has NOT been any kind of fun. But I am not gonna hide out anymore. I am […]

Learning to Trust My Journey, Baby Steps

When I went to Brave Girl’s Camp, I met all of these women who seemed so amazing and so special. We all had stories, including me, but they seemed so much more than me. I remember listening to all of their stories and thinking about how blessed I was, even with all of my challenges […]

You Get to Decide

I can remember my very first “she did it anyway” moment so very distinctly. I grew up in Istanbul. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to go to the United States for college. I talked to my parents during middle school and made sure they knew my plans. I scoured every magazine […]

Great Grandma Augusta Made it Beautiful Anyway

A few weeks ago for my birthday, our Grandma Rowen (96) gave me some old photos that I’ve never seen before. They are all priceless, but two of them especially caught my attention.  They both have Grandma’s beautiful hand-written script on the back telling us that this is Augusta Vasold, my Great-Grandmother and mother of […]

A Case For Sticking With It

Every day my gratitude grows and grows and grows, until it is squished so tightly in my heart that hardly any more gratitude can fit…….and what I am thankful for is that I did not give up. Because it was a close one. I almost did….lots of times…lots and lots and lots of times. And […]

How My Broken Face Is Healing My Broken Heart

I am feeling very thankful today that with some good medicine, herbs, supplements and rest…after nearly 20 days….I am looking like this today… I have no I idea how long it will last…but I am choosing to just feel really good and enjoy it.. But…I am so dang scared to share this. I have almost […]

She is Happy Anyway

These are my in-laws, Dan and LaNae: I could write volumes about how incredible they are and about the things they’ve taught me about how to live and how to be in the short 3 1/2 years that I’ve known them.  My father in-law was hit by a car 23 years ago, and wasn’t supposed […]

There’s a Brave Girl in the Mirror

When I was just a girl, my mom would send me down to the sheetrocked-but-not-painted room underneath the stairs where all of her canned peaches and pickles and buckets of whole wheat and year’s supply of sugar were, and she would ask me to bring up a bottle of something…and I would head down those […]

Look Back & Be Thankful

I have a wonderful younger sister and I have two older sisters who are 10 and 12 years older than I am….they gave me love and nurturing and advice and experience…still do…..and….one of the very best things they ever gave me were my nieces….who are 10ish and 12ish years younger than I am……we are all […]

When The Path Leads to ROAD CLOSED

So…you are running or dancing or rollerblading through life at a pretty good pace…on a road that you can handle, heading towards things that you’ve been working towards for a very long time. The map says you’re getting really close, and just after a bend in the road…you’ll be there. So you speed up just […]