The Choice To Live

It’s not a coincidence that you are reading this. I’ve learned that there really are no coincidences. Maybe there will be something I am about to share that will give you comfort just knowing you are not alone on your journey. Possibly I might give you a piece to your puzzle revealing the picture you’ve […]

You’ve Been Lied To (and You Believed It)

Have you ever been lied to? Probably. I’m going to just be bold and say…yes, of course you have been lied to, at some time or another in your beautiful life. Sometimes it’s hard to find comfort, especially the soul kind, because at the root of it all…we have often been lied to…..but that’s not […]

Your Potential is Infinite

I used to read a lot of books about leadership and setting goals and going after your dreams…every book I read talked about how every human being has incredible, untapped potential…I wanted SO badly to believe the things that I read in those books…but, I always thought…’well, everyone but ME has huge potential…” …and I […]

Do I deserve to be happy?

Do I deserve to be happy? ….What kind of question is that???????  Where do we learn this stuff? Wherever we picked it up…it is time to unlearn it…we need to remember the way we felt when we were kids…or more like, the ways we didn’t feel…the things we never even considered…like whether or not we […]