False Truths vs Real Truths

I was born to be a wife and mother, my heart has known this truth from an early age. It was my passion, my destiny, my chosen path to marry and have children. So when I met my husband in our early twenties I was on a mission to get married and live happily ever after! We had three beautiful girls together but sadly our marriage was not meant to be forever. It was with great heartache that I realized my marriage was just not going to work no matter how bad I wanted it or how hard I tried. SO after twelve years with him I had to be brave and let go of my role as wife to salvage the role of just being ME.

Knowing and Doing are two different things when it comes to matters of the heart. I knew I had to divorce him, but I was scared that he was the best I could do, that I would be alone the rest of my life!!! That was a false truth, the truth was that I was already alone in my marriage. When my heart really, really, got it -I realized a bigger truth..and I just knew it was right, I would rather be alone and unhappy than in a unhappy marriage because I was afraid of being alone. Now of course I’m not advocating being alone and unhappy but it followed another truth which is that as long as I was married I was not in any position to truely find the love I seeked.

I still hold these truths…. but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I really thought Mr. Love of My Life would find me really fast and I could look at my ex with a solom look in my eyes so as to let him know what a big mistake it was to let a such an awesome wife slip from his life. My friend it has been ten years sense my divorce and I am still single. BUT I am not alone!! I still have hopes of sharing my heart and life with a partner but I have worked really hard on building a life for now, today and for as many tomorrows it takes until I marry again someday. In the meantime, I have friends that are like family and family that are my friends to share my heart with. My truth today is that it’s ok to be single and it’s even ok not to be happy all the time as long as you can be you.