Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a storyteller?

YOU.  We believe that everyone has incredible experiences to share.  Click here to find out more about becoming a storyteller.

How do I register to become a storyteller?

Click here and follow the prompts.

What does it cost to share my story?

Nothing.  It’s free. :)

How do I submit a story?

Click here for instructions.

What Should I Write About?

We all have a handful of defining experiences in our lives.  The times when we have made brave choices, done brave things, and found the answers we spent what felt like lifetimes looking for.  What should YOU write about?  You should write about the defining experiences of your life.

Somewhere someone is standing at the beginning of a road you’ve already traveled.  Just like you were, she is scared and feels blind as she tries to navigate her way through the darkness.  Shine the light on her path by sharing the roadmaps you’ve collected on your life’s journey.

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Why should I tell my stories?

There are a million reasons to share your stories, but the one that stands out the most is that if you have answers that someone else is looking for, the nice thing to do is to share them.  It would be cruel not to.  If you need some encouragement, click here to read some awesome posts by Melody about sharing our stories.

How do you choose which stories to publish?

We like to think that you come here not only for the stories, but because the stories we choose to publish are relevant, well-told and pretty to look at.  Stories that help spread peace and joy and happiness and most of all HOPE, that are well told and well illustrated with one or two pictures are the ones we choose to publish.

How can I be sure my story gets published?

You can be sure your story is published by using the Brave Story Builder to properly frame it.  You can use just one or two questions out of the Brave Story Builder and write a story around them, or use your own words to fill in all of the blanks and submit it that way.

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My story was marked “pending” and is now marked “draft” again – what happened?

Your story is not ready to be published yet.  Our team is very small, so we won’t be able to give you a lot of feedback, but we do have some tips:

  1. Read through your story again as if you were at the very beginning of that journey.  How do you feel when you read your story with that perspective?  Do you feel inspired?  Do you feel hope?  Do you feel like you have an idea which way to turn?
  2. Consider images.  Have you added them?  If you have are they relevant?  Do they illustrate your story well?
  3. Is this story about a defining time of your life?
  4. Have you kept within the guidelines we’ve outlined here?  Does your story focus on solutions instead of problems?
  5. It might help to go through a hero’s journey template to see what your story is missing.  There is a great blog post about that here.  (If this confuses you, just ignore it!  We are including it because it may be helpful to someone.)

I want to become a better storyteller…where do I start?

Start with our hearty encouragement and enthusiasm.  This world could use more storytellers.  Here is where we would start:

  1. You will learn a lot about writing by reading.  Reading well-written stories will improve your vocabulary and help you understand how to write and frame a story.  Classic books are classics for a reason…they are wonderfully written, entertaining and often have lessons carefully weaved into the plot. Here are some of our favorites:
    Oliver Twist
    Les Miserables
    Don Quixote
    Jane Eyre
  2. The other thing you can do is read some books specifically on writing better.  These will be helpful:
    The Writers Journey
    The True Secret of Writing: Connecting Life with Language
    Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within, 2nd Edition
    Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life
    Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir
    Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life