Great Grandma Augusta Made it Beautiful Anyway

A few weeks ago for my birthday, our Grandma Rowen (96) gave me some old photos that I’ve never seen before. They are all priceless, but two of them especially caught my attention.  They both have Grandma’s beautiful hand-written script on the back telling us that this is Augusta Vasold, my Great-Grandmother and mother of my Grandpa Rowen. This rare photo shows her sitting in front of their homestead…she didn’t live very long after this photo was taken…she died when my Grandpa was just 2 years old. This is the outside of her home:


…and THIS photo…

…taken the same day…

…shows the inside…

…of the same home…




Are you as amazed as I am??  This young bride on a dusty homestead in the middle of nowhere did whatever it took to create a beautiful home in spite of her circumstances.

I’m so proud of her…aren’t you??

How many times do we tell ourselves “I’ll blah blah blah when I blah blah blah” ….  We could say that all day long.  It’s easy to say that….to idealize the future and our future selves.  What is almost impossible and ends up being super brave is saying, “I don’t blah blah blah…maybe I never will, but I’m going to blah blah anyway.”

Maybe what Great Grandma Gussie (as they called her) said was “I don’t have a big home, I don’t have a glamorous home, but I will have a beautiful home anyway!”

We could all be a little more like Great Grandma….let’s do it.  Let’s be brave like her and get our blah blahs out of the way, and get on to our BLAH BLAHS! :)


  1. Yes Yes Yes.. I love this…Words to live by…Thank You ,,xoxoxo

  2. Carl Capps says:

    Gussie looks a lot like my Mother, Marilyn.

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