A New Habit…Day 21 (or Day 1)

They say that after 21 days, you have created a new habit.  The new habit that I am attempting to create is to live through my skin, my eyes and my hands instead of through a screen.

This is something that I know for sure for sure for sure is happening….day by day by day….but every day…I let myself feel, think and remember that it is actually DAY ONE again…..

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today is day 1

and I begin with all of the freshness, excitement and grace that you begin a new endeavor with….I usually even have the fear and apprehension that accompanies something new…but I know for sure that for the rest of my life, I am going to let every new day be DAY ONE…because the decision to do so has changed everything for me.

Although I have kept my commitments, kept my own rules, and have quieted down, slowed down and made dramatic changes….I am accepting the grace of knowing that tomorrow I get to start over again, no matter what.


melody ross

Today is DAY ONE of the rest of my life
when the day’s done, I will let it be done
tomorrow I get to start over again
on another amazing DAY ONE

I may have started up and failed
on day one hundred and one
I may have started up and failed
when I had only just begun

I may have started up and failed
or I may have actually won
the thing I must remember
is that every new day is DAY ONE

Today I did the best I could
tomorrow I will too
I also did my best yesterday
this is absolutely true

Today is the only day I have
and it started with a rising sun
If I have a precious tomorrow again
the sun will rise as DAY ONE

No more pressure, no more shame
no more pushing myself too far
all I can do is all I can do
no more unfairly raising the bar

No more worrying, no more stress
no running faster than I can run
it’s time to stop and let it be
and remember it’s always DAY ONE

Today is DAY ONE of the rest of my life
when the day’s done, I will let it be done
tomorrow I get to start over again
on another amazing DAY ONE

be the person you want to be

What day 21 has brought is a sense of calm. A settling in…….a feeling of deep and healing relief and finally feeling like I am doing enough, having enough, being enough. There is so much SOUL CONFUSION that comes from incessant comparing and overloads of information……there is such a difference when there is QUIET……

Quiet is so so so so sooo good. I wish that for you.

Maybe today could be your Day 1?

start today