When The Path Leads to ROAD CLOSED

So…you are running or dancing or rollerblading through life at a pretty good pace…on a road that you can handle, heading towards things that you’ve been working towards for a very long time. The map says you’re getting really close, and just after a bend in the road…you’ll be there. So you speed up just a bit out of sheer excitement…and you come around the bend…..and there it is….

….and it turns out to be anything but the sign you were looking for…..ROAD CLOSED.

Road Closed

There are some pretty critical points in life, like the ones where we come to a place in our life that tries to forbid us from going any further on our path. Some people take those signs and turn the other way…some people are in cars and can’t get their cars by the ROAD CLOSED gate anyway…and some people just hop out of the car, over the fence and on their way.

Because, the road really isn’t closed…it might just be closed to cars…so if you are in a car….get out. What kinds of things are you going to miss-out on if you don’t take that trail that you’ve been working so hard to get to?

do not go where the path may lead go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

I’ve taken the trail anyway…..and, I found the most beautiful flowers….one of a kind. I found things that could only be found by people who are willing to take the trail anyway….I found plants I’d never seen before, scenes that had never been touched by human hands….I saw the way that the sunlight paints messages through the leaves….the kinds of messages that you only get to see on those kinds of ‘closed’ trails.

When life comes to roadblocks, ask yourself if they REALLY are roadblocks, or if they are just opportunities to take the trail on foot, where you’ll come closer to the things you are seeking…where you’ll smell flowers and hear the wind blow through enormous trees and feel the pine cones beneath your feet….that ROAD CLOSED sign will become a gift in no time.

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