Why Should I Share My Story?

Every story told from every person, when told with complete and raw honesty, gently removes the masks that cause us to believe that we are completely different from each other.

So, WHY should we tell our stories?

Surely you see how the telling and the listening of true stories will make the dreams come true of beauty pageant contestants everywhere! They all want world peace, right? When we realize how much we humans are the same, so much more than we are different, each conversation, each relationship, each family, each community gets more and more and more peaceful. We internally become more peaceful as we piece our own story together…”piece-full?” Ok, so maybe it won’t bring about total world peace, but a peaceful and loving life is definitely the next best thing, and I know for sure that this kind of communication is the long awaited peace-maker in many bitter family battles, and the bringer of deep love, understanding and patience to families, friendships and organizations that already get along. Stay with me, you’ll believe me by the end of this post.

If you’re not already convinced to at least give me a shot at continuing to convince you…..

Here’s a list of just some of the real reasons to find some of your stories, ask for them, listen deeply as others tell theirs, gather them together and start telling them:

• Because for some reason, we all seem to forget how great our life really has been, and that the best things in life are rarely about any ‘thing’ in life.

• Because remembering good times together can get almost any relationship through the inevitable rough patches. Hearing about other people’s similar good and tough times can get us through rough patches too!

• Because finding out how everything really is connected to everything else is really magical, and we all want to know where we fit in the world.

• Because each time we find, share, remember or write down a piece of our own life story, we realize once again that we all have a very unique purpose on the earth that we are responsible to make the most of.

• Because remembering what we’ve been good at and what we’ve wanted from the time we were very small helps us figure out what we really want to do and really should do with the rest of our lives.

• Because life is fragile and you never know if this might be the last chance you get to tell you stories.

• Because we may think that people really know how we feel about them, but in most cases, people have absolutely no idea how much we love, admire and cherish them.

• Because we don’t take the time often enough to breathe in the good things.

• Because we don’t take the time often enough to find the lessons in the hard things.

• Because if it was fun, exciting, scary or life-changing when it actually happened, it’s going to be twice as great to tell about it.

• Because humans are all pretty much the same when it all boils down – we all want to be understood and we all want to understand.

• Because there’s a lot of people who probably have no idea what a huge impact they have made on our lives, and knowing would make an enormous difference in their lives – and hearing how others help others makes us want to figure out how to be the one who helps others.

• Because we’ve probably accomplished a LOT more than we give ourselves credit for.

• Because all that we have now has come from hundreds and hundreds of years of documented and shared progress.

• Because usually the very best thing you can do for someone who is struggling is to tell them about a time that you struggled, and what you did about it.

you know so much more than you think you know

• Because it’s therapeutic, and you might think you’re over some of the painful things you’ve been through, but when you revisit those things, you realize that you’re not, and it affects you on a very deep level…and you’re finally able to forgive…yourself and others.

• Because unearthing and documenting your story can be a really rewarding and fun family or friend activity.

• Because we really have a responsibility to our ancestors to move their work forward, or at least appreciate that we wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t been here before us.

• Because you’ll find that difficulty in life is not negotiable, it is not the result of failure or mistakes that only you have made, but that difficulty happens to everyone who is trying to make progress.

• Because we all really need each other so much, and we’ll never realize that more than when we start sharing and listening to real life stories.

• Because history repeats itself and we need to figure that out and act accordingly.

• Because people really love to listen to or read about stories that are similar to what they are going through.

• Because stories help us realize that the good stuff is always worth fighting for, and stories help us keep on fighting.

• Because no matter how you judge others, when you truly examine most situations, you realize that almost everyone did the very best they could at the time, even ourselves.

• Because we don’t want the next generations to endure some of our past pains and mistakes, so we have to take the time to educate them by telling our stories and sharing our feelings

• Because there are a lot of really fun and creative ways to document and archive your photos and stories, and sharing them is even more fun.
• Because we really have more blessings than we could ever possibly count, and happiness comes from counting them up, every single day.

• Because one story can make all the difference in the world to the right person at the right time.

be gutsy

Finding Stories to Share from YOUR OWN LIFE…

1. Think about a story in your life that you have told a million times, whether it directly involved you or not. What is it about that story that compels you to keep telling it? Do you have different stories for when you are you’re your family than you do for when you are with friends? What does it do for others when you tell it? What does it do for you? Is it funny, inspiring, amazing, painful? Have you written it down?

2. Think about a time in your life when someone shared a personal story with you and it changed your course in a way that nothing else could. Was it someone you knew or someone you were close to? What was it about that story that you related to in such a powerful way?

3. Think about friends or siblings from your childhood. What would you talk about if you were all sitting in a room together? What stories would come up first and who would tell them? What stories would you want your children to hear and not to hear?

You can do this….we need to hear your stories…you need to tell you stories.

So start telling them!  (Click here to register – quick, easy, free – and start writing!)

of course you can....just try..you will see

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