Sometimes You Just Need Someone With Skin On

I consider myself a pretty tough gal and a pretty happy one too! Sure…..sometimes my heart hurts and there have been nights that I’ve gone to bed crying or stressed to the point that I think I might go crazy, but rarely do I reach out to anybody for comfort or understanding.

Not too long ago I learned a priceless lesson about how we NEED each other…. how we NEED to be aware of each other…. and how even when we think we’re handling things all on our own…. we’re really not! We aren’t alone and there is a higher power that knows us even better than we know ourselves.

Before I begin my story, I want to tell you another little story that I heard somewhere. It’s a simple story, but full of great wisdom and truth. It goes something like this………..

Once there was a little girl who was REALLY afraid of the dark! Bedtime terrified her!!! Every night her mother would go through a ritual with her that they had designed together to make her feel more secure about going to bed. Sometimes it worked, but most of the time it didn’t! Regularly this little girl would sneak into her parents’ room at night and climb in bed with them. The mother always tried to comfort her by saying things like: “Sweetheart, your room is very safe. We are just down the hall. ” And then she would almost always add, “God is watching over you and he loves you.” One night after the zillionth time that this had played out, the mother took the little girl back to her room and reassured her by saying, “Honey, you are fine. God is watching over you.” The little girl instantly responded, “Mom, don’t you know? SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED SOMEBODY WITH SKIN ON.”

How true!! Sometimes we just need to hug someone, reach out to someone, or have someone reach out to us.

Not long ago, I was going through a difficult time. A time when I was exhausted and feeling like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I wish I could give more details here, but these burdens were, and still are experiences that don’t just belong to me. They are struggles that I share with others that I love and I don’t feel it would be good to share something that isn’t just my story.

The load was heavy, but  I was managing and I was doing okay handling my broken heart and all those crazy emotions by myself! Then something happened that broke me! It wasn’t even a huge thing. I just didn’t have the ability emotionally or spiritually to carry anything else! I fell apart!

By this time, my kids were home from school and I was an ugly mess. I didn’t want them to see me so upset or cause them to worry, so I put my shoes on and left the house to walk, clear my head, and try to get my mind and my heart to a better place.

It was cold! We live in a pretty remote canyon area and I began walking down the highway crying and talking out loud to myself! The tears flowed!!! I began pouring my heart out in earnest prayer! I was pleading out loud…..asking for help…asking for somebody to help me…somebody to put their arms around me and tell me it was okay and that I was okay. I needed someone WITH SKIN ON!!

As I came around the corner of the highway I saw my sweet neighbor walking toward me. At first I felt embarrassed that she would be seeing me this way, but it didn’t take long for me to understand that she was the answer to my prayer! She wrapped her arms around me and just held me and let me cry! We stood there for quite a while without saying a word…. just embracing. I began to feel better and as I did, I noticed that she wasn’t dressed for the cold weather.  She didn’t have a coat on. She didn’t look like she had planned to go out walking. She was dressed in really nice clothes…beautiful jewelry…and very uncomfortable shoes.

She told to me that she had just come home from a busy day and had started carrying groceries into her house when she had a STRONG FEELING that she needed to start walking. She thought it was crazy, but she LISTENED… and she walked! When she saw me…she knew why.

be the one who keeps scattering joy

She didn’t ask me questions. She just put her arm around me and walked me in the direction of her home, took me inside, gave me a blanket and some hot cocoa, and let me just sit and visit until I was able to pull myself together and was ready to go back home and face the kids, homework, and dinner.

As we walked into her garage to get in her car so she could give me a ride home, I saw that her car doors were still wide open with groceries waiting to be toted inside. She really had just dropped EVERYTHING because she had been prompted to walk!

I learned a great lesson that day! I was reminded that I am NEVER ALONE to face my challenges! A greater power is so aware of me! I also learned that I should NEVER IGNORE A PROMPTING. No matter how silly or crazy it may seem. Somebody might be praying and I MIGHT BE THE ANSWER TO THAT PRAYER!


  1. What a beautiful story. We do all need each other and it’s a shame that more people dn’t realize this. “Sometimes you just need someone with skin on”…I love that. I am in that sort of phase right now…needing someone with skin on. Thanks for sharing your story.

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