Eating Disorder: My Struggle and My Recovery

I’m Jan …this is a piece of my story… From the outside, my life was “perfect”. As a child and a teenager, achievement and success had always been my way of coping with an out-of-control home life. I grew up in a home with an alcoholic. Life was never predicable, so I took comfort in the […]

A Sober Life

On July 31, 2009 I awoke with the same promise that I’d made hundreds of times before.  “I am NEVER drinking again.” It was a promise I’d made and broken so often, that even I didn’t believe me when I said it.  But something was different this time.  I’m not sure what, I can’t put […]

A New Habit…Day 21 (or Day 1)

They say that after 21 days, you have created a new habit.  The new habit that I am attempting to create is to live through my skin, my eyes and my hands instead of through a screen. This is something that I know for sure for sure for sure is happening….day by day by day….but […]

My Facebook Addiction and Why I Quit: Part 1

So…it’s over. I went 90 whole days without Facebook. I have a Facebook addiction….I am owning it. I owned it and I faced it and I decided to do something REALLY HARD…and quit cold turkey for 90 days…and I did it. I did not slip even once. I made it to the finish line and […]

My Facebook Addiction and Why I Quit: Part 2

(Click here to read My Facebook Addiction and Why I Quit: Part 1) This will be the hardest, most humiliating part of sharing my whole 90 day Facebook-free journey….documenting my admission of just how yucky and bad my Facebook addiction was….but, I am gonna plow through it so I can answer your questions…and maybe help […]