And this too shall pass….

Amazing how one day can change our life forever.  My life changer came June 28, 2013.  It was a  busy day, an exciting day, a very hot day.  I was squeezing in a annual physical, between getting my horse ready for a photo shoot with a famous horse photographer, and doing my annual ride on […]

There’s a Brave Girl in the Mirror

When I was just a girl, my mom would send me down to the sheetrocked-but-not-painted room underneath the stairs where all of her canned peaches and pickles and buckets of whole wheat and year’s supply of sugar were, and she would ask me to bring up a bottle of something…and I would head down those […]

They Must Be Afraid Too

Caterpillars and butterflies provide a metaphor that I have realized is perfect for the state of fear that I am in right now…and as I’ve talked to so many others….it’s a very common and debilitating fear…..I am quite sure that there are parts of you that have it in a very deep and compelling way…if […]