Say Good Words Manifesto

free, strength, grow, love, find, joy, jump, fight, meditate, see, empower, seek, discover, worth, contemplate, think, learn, give, sense, feel, join, alive, breathe, deep, sanctuary, dream, allow, bestow, vision, wonder, adventure, find, understand, motivate, super, hero, brave, ponder, curious, surprise, warmth, hug, space, kind, sweet, mend, cry, purpose, trust, let go, fly, float, stretch, care, […]

Great Grandma Augusta Made it Beautiful Anyway

A few weeks ago for my birthday, our Grandma Rowen (96) gave me some old photos that I’ve never seen before. They are all priceless, but two of them especially caught my attention.  They both have Grandma’s beautiful hand-written script on the back telling us that this is Augusta Vasold, my Great-Grandmother and mother of […]

Losing My Dream House

So many lessons this year, last week, today, yesterday, this minute, last minute…..centered around what HOME means (things I want to write about, but I need to “set this up” to get the right context)….I still remember writing this “chapter” when I was writing the story of Marq’s sickness…of how our life got turned upside […]

Losing My Dream House….Again

When I’m really mad….or upset……or surprised…..I have gotten into the habit of faux-swearing…..I love our language so much….but, I am really trying to cut out swearing, a bad habit….still, sometimes, I faux-swear by saying…”WHAT THE H???” And seriously, there’s been a whole lotta “What the H’s” going on the last month or so….but, as will […]