Dreams and Hummingbirds

I looked at my daughter this morning as she ran to play with her friends, and felt goosebumps. She knew I was watching her, and blew me a kiss. To think, I almost missed this. This child, this life.   I was born into an abusive family. Despite this I was a dreamer. I saved […]

Say Good Words Manifesto

free, strength, grow, love, find, joy, jump, fight, meditate, see, empower, seek, discover, worth, contemplate, think, learn, give, sense, feel, join, alive, breathe, deep, sanctuary, dream, allow, bestow, vision, wonder, adventure, find, understand, motivate, super, hero, brave, ponder, curious, surprise, warmth, hug, space, kind, sweet, mend, cry, purpose, trust, let go, fly, float, stretch, care, […]

And this too shall pass….

Amazing how one day can change our life forever.  My life changer came June 28, 2013.  It was a  busy day, an exciting day, a very hot day.  I was squeezing in a annual physical, between getting my horse ready for a photo shoot with a famous horse photographer, and doing my annual ride on […]

A Yogurt Cup of Hope

About 10 years ago I moved from Minnesota to Montana. I ran away from everything I knew for too many reasons to list.. The biggest reason was that I lost my home to foreclosure, which was all my own fault. That is something to be touched on another day. When I moved here I was […]