Worth FIGHTING for

I’m Christa …this is a piece of my story… I’ve been boy crazy for as long as I can remember. My first boyfriend’s name was Todd, we were 7. He was the best dance partner ever, when he spun me around, my feet would leave the ground and I felt like I was flying. My […]

Life’s Currency

Being broke stinks ….. let’s just get that out of the way right this minute. I can really pretty much say, with experience …. lots of it ……. that being broke with a family of 7 is just flat-out rotten much of the time ….. BUT…….. BUT BUT BUT ………… I would never ever EVER […]

Say Good Words Manifesto

free, strength, grow, love, find, joy, jump, fight, meditate, see, empower, seek, discover, worth, contemplate, think, learn, give, sense, feel, join, alive, breathe, deep, sanctuary, dream, allow, bestow, vision, wonder, adventure, find, understand, motivate, super, hero, brave, ponder, curious, surprise, warmth, hug, space, kind, sweet, mend, cry, purpose, trust, let go, fly, float, stretch, care, […]


There’s an old-fashioned term used in wood building construction called SISTERING.  I’ve always found it to be an interesting term, especially in this predominantly male-centric endeavor, the world of building structures.  It means to repair weak floor joists by attaching new joists right along side, to provide the extra support the older joist needs. The older […]

The “Big Blow” Miracles

I don’t know where the phrase “big blow” came from…maybe other people don’t call it that at all, but that’s what my grandparents call it, so that’s what we call it.  In Idaho (and probably other places too) big blows happen in the summertime…almost every day when it’s super hot.  In the late afternoon, the […]

We Must See Past What It Seems

After a dear friend telling me about a hurtful experience she’d had this week…..I began thinking again about a story I have told a few times….a story that my children will tell to their children, and maybe even beyond that… because it was such a learning experience in our family….maybe even a turning point…it’s a […]

God Bless You, Steve

Something happened tonight that showed me just how much of a shift in perception and heart I had while I was in Manila….something really happened to me there. A big cracking open and a huge healing up…..I am different. I feel whole….more whole….I feel expanded and smooshed all at the same time. Cracked and glued […]

I Am the Girl in the Red Boots

I want to talk about something that has long been on my heart. This has been burned so deeply in my heart in the last year, that every day I almost choke on it because it is right in my throat…trying so hard to get me to speak up about it. So…..I want to talk […]

You in the Picture

In 2011, I wrote a blog post that said: In the last three years, I’ve taken over 200,000 photos. Most of these are pictures of my family. My kids, my husband, parents, etc.  I just went back and looked at all of them. Guess how many of these photos have me in them? Eleven. I […]