What Love Is …and How It Saved My Marriage

I cry at a lot of weddings now, especially during the vows…for better or for worse…in sickness and in health…for richer or for poorer. I wonder to myself if the two lovesick people standing together have any idea what those vows might mean someday. I remember when I made mine and thought about how I […]

The Good Days between Bad Days

A few months ago….things were at the rock bottom worst, ever. Marq was in the deepest despair you could ever imagine….in fact, it was scheduled that he’d be going to California as soon as I got back from a trip to Africa to spend a few months in a special brain injury center that could […]

The Bad, Sad & Mad Parts of the Story…Staying Married Through Depression

I had a conversation with my grandmother a few years back. I gave her a whole stack of journals for Christmas and asked her to fill them. She wanted to know what I wanted to her to write…and, I told her that I wanted her to write EVERYTHING….she told me that she’d always been told, […]

Angels You Can See With Your Eyes

I want to tell you about my friend, Judy, from New Jersey….and how meeting her, knowing her and having her in my life has taught me about the nature of blessings. Last year, my life was completely upside down and in a blender…every single day was a terribly frightening challenge and my heart was in […]