Precious Minutes

Lately I have been busy….like crazy busy.  As a mother of 2 babies (ages 3 months and 2 years), wife (of -among other things – a high school wrestling coach), homemaker, assistant to Brave Girls Club and everything else I do, I am always running from one thing to the next – appointments, wrestling meets, […]

Mothers, Give Yourself Some Grace

This morning I was walking out back and saw this mother with her babies…..I love the way they just follow her….the way that motherhood is so part of life…   I first want you to know that I am and have always been a very unconventional mother….a free sprit mother with free spirit children….sometimes that […]

What’s the REAL Price?

Last night I crawled into bed before 7pm and put in a movie. One by one, my kids came upstairs and crawled on to the bed or under the covers…except of course, for the big old teenager who was downstairs raiding the pantry with his buddies… When Marq finally came to bed it was over […]

In the Juggle of Life, You Have to Choose

Today the gravity of juggling is hitting me hard. I got home at bed time and unloaded my luggage from the truck and dragged it all into the house by myself….. Usually, Marq picks me up from my trips, it is one of his big rules…to always be right there when I get off of […]

The Kind of Childhood I Want For My Children

So….just about 90 days ago I quit Facebook, I limited my texting time and my email time….I took my email app off of my phone. I decided to do a social media detox…you can read about my decision here if you would like to know more about my reasons. I decided to do this for 90 days…essentially […]