Weighed Down…

One day, I looked around and realized that my weight was not just out of control, it was controlling me. It was changing my life, and not in a positive way. I could *just* squeeze into airplane seats, my clothes were all tight, it was hard to connect my seatbelt, I couldn’t climb the stairs, […]

Look Back & Be Thankful

I have a wonderful younger sister and I have two older sisters who are 10 and 12 years older than I am….they gave me love and nurturing and advice and experience…still do…..and….one of the very best things they ever gave me were my nieces….who are 10ish and 12ish years younger than I am……we are all […]

Sometimes You Have to Grieve the Good to Embrace the Best…..

This week has been so interesting…seems like every day I get a phone call or revisit one of my old issues that teaches me about how life changes work. They are painful simply because it is very difficult to give up how things are now….or what we have now….even if what we are moving toward […]