Finding Heaven on Earth

I have just spent 8 days in the wilderness… Please do not be entirely impressed…we had electricity and plumbing and even a DVD player…we had air conditioning and a refrigerator…we did not however, have phone or internet access….what a blessing….I may have found heaven on earth… Spending all of this time with my family, I […]

She’s Flawless…Or Is She…?

Somewhere, right now, there is a woman walking on the sidewalk, her inconceivably toned body cat-walking in her designer suit. In complete tranquility, she flawlessly handles more roles than she can count on her manicured fingers. She has carefully dusted trophies lining her Italian marble antique hearth, congratulating the immaculate job she has done with […]

She’s Still In There

Once upon a time, you were a little girl… Life was simple and carefree… You dreamed big dreams without even knowing they were big… And you did the things you did because you felt like it… You weren’t afraid to try new things… because everything was new… You didn’t worry about what other people thought…or […]

What’s the REAL Price?

Last night I crawled into bed before 7pm and put in a movie. One by one, my kids came upstairs and crawled on to the bed or under the covers…except of course, for the big old teenager who was downstairs raiding the pantry with his buddies… When Marq finally came to bed it was over […]

You in the Picture

In 2011, I wrote a blog post that said: In the last three years, I’ve taken over 200,000 photos. Most of these are pictures of my family. My kids, my husband, parents, etc.  I just went back and looked at all of them. Guess how many of these photos have me in them? Eleven. I […]

A New Habit…Day 21 (or Day 1)

They say that after 21 days, you have created a new habit.  The new habit that I am attempting to create is to live through my skin, my eyes and my hands instead of through a screen. This is something that I know for sure for sure for sure is happening….day by day by day….but […]

The Kind of Childhood I Want For My Children

So….just about 90 days ago I quit Facebook, I limited my texting time and my email time….I took my email app off of my phone. I decided to do a social media detox…you can read about my decision here if you would like to know more about my reasons. I decided to do this for 90 days…essentially […]

My Facebook Addiction and Why I Quit: Part 1

So…it’s over. I went 90 whole days without Facebook. I have a Facebook addiction….I am owning it. I owned it and I faced it and I decided to do something REALLY HARD…and quit cold turkey for 90 days…and I did it. I did not slip even once. I made it to the finish line and […]

My Facebook Addiction and Why I Quit: Part 2

(Click here to read My Facebook Addiction and Why I Quit: Part 1) This will be the hardest, most humiliating part of sharing my whole 90 day Facebook-free journey….documenting my admission of just how yucky and bad my Facebook addiction was….but, I am gonna plow through it so I can answer your questions…and maybe help […]