Thinking on Purpose

Have you given much thought to how amazing your mind is? Your mind has the incredible capability to notice the unusual. However, the opposite can also be true. The more often we see the things that are around us……even the beautiful and wonderful things….the more invisible they sometimes become.

This week I started a quirky little experiment that has to do with thinking intentionally. I decided that I would make a thoughtful effort to look around more this week…to notice the people that I care about….to notice the song of the birds, the color of the leaves, the wind on my face…to notice every sight, every smell, every taste, and every sound.

I began PURPOSEFULLY THINKING about, noticing, and counting all the good things in my life. I even attached a bright yellow clicker to the belt loop of my jeans, and every time I noticed something beautiful or that brought joy to my life, I counted it by pushing a little button. I pushed that button a lot…….393 times over a three day period! It was amazing, and the occasional bumps that I encountered during the week didn’t seem to be nearly as big.

From this, I learned that we really do have a lot of control over what we choose to think about. We can choose to see the good in every single day if we just open our eyes to it, and if we make a conscious effort. It’s there!!! The good is just waiting to fill our hearts and souls with happiness…because what is on our mind is also on our heart.

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